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Businesses for Sale on Investor Boulevard

Explore businesses online as per your requirement. These businesses are either looking for a Full sale/ Partial sale or Investment/Loan.

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Investors / Buyers on Investor Boulevard

Seeking investment or expansion in business. Register yourself as an Investor/Buyer and get proposals of companies for buyouts or investments

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Product Ideas on Investor Boulevard

New business ideas or unexplored products. Find your business partner to invest in the business.

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Investor boulevard is a platform which brings potential Businesses, Investors, Acquirers, Advisors together. The mission of Investor Boulevard is to bring together businesses and investors and automate deals between parties. 

Business owners, potential Buyers/Acquirers, Lenders, Financial Advisors connect with each other to pursue deals. Whether it is a Micro, SME (Small and Medium enterprise) or a high net worth enterprise, Investors Boulevard is the perfect platform to close successful transactions.

Franchise for Sale

: Many running businesses are for sale in India including franchisee of major brands. As a business broker, we can help a franchisee sell its running business and an investor or a person looking to buy a running business can buy it.

Selling a Business

: Looking to sell a running manufacturing business or a shop or a service provider firm. We can assist you in sale and purchase of business. Let us know what exactly you are looking at and we can assist you in sale and purchase of business.

Small Business for Sale

: Small scale industries are the soul of business sector. Many businesses like food joints, handicraft units etc can be taken over by large firms to fulfill their raw material requirements. We at Investor Boulevard can help you find the required small scale business and can close it at an attractive rate.

Business for Sale in Delhi

: Whether it is a restaurant, workshop, showroom, hotel, shop, automobile spare part shop, furniture manufacturer, bakery, café, factory, service provider, IT firm, clothes store etc we can assist in sale and purchase of such businesses. For the sellers we can find the right buyer and for buyers we can find the right business to buy.

Business Ideas in Delhi

: There are many talented minds in Delhi and India who have creative and profitable business ideas, we will bring those ideas to public and find the right investor for business idea

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