About the founder:

Rajat Seth, founder of Investor Boulevard started his career with McKinsey and Co and after that started his own hospitality consulting firm. In the tenure of hospitality consulting, he came across various cases where the existing business owners were interested in selling their running businesses and on the other hand there were investors to enter business line.  This gave an idea to intermediate deals between buyers and sellers and thus, Investor Boulevard took birth. With the ownership and vision, Rajat Seth successfully started up with this venture 3 years ago and has closed successful deals between many buyers and sellers.


Mission of IB:

A company is sold only in two circumstances, number one when the owner is not able to run company because of monetary issue or any other issue, number 2 when the owner wants to pull out premium from a successfully running business. The mission of Investor Boulevard is to understand the need the seller and find a right buyer for the company and close a successful deal between buyer and seller, making it a win-win situation for both the parties


Vision of IB:

To be top business broker in India and a trusted partner to both the parties i.e. buyers and sellers

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